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Discovery’s new Retirement Fund targets the root causes of SA’s retirement savings gap

The retirement saving gap in South Africa is well documented – and alarming: the vast majority of people do not save nearly enough to afford retirement. Because retirement needs are not tangible in the present, they are particularly susceptible to being ignored. In addition, the focus is often placed on administration fees, investment management fees […]

President Ramaphosa to address African Mining Indaba in Cape Town

Cyril Ramaphosa as assured South African investors that their investments and assets will not be taken away from them during land expropriation without compensation. Measures will be taken in a way that will not undermine the principles of our country, he said this as he was tackling mining investors’ fears South Africa promotes economic development […]

The City Of Cape Town Demolishes Shacks in Philippi

It broke my heart to watch officials, who have places to stay, destroy my shack and leave with my building material Law enforcement officials removed at least six shacks and seized building materials near Lansdowne Road in Philippi on Monday. Residents had marked out over 400 plots with stones, plastic bags and small wooden planks […]